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David J. Sambor, Principal
David Sambor attributes his successes to his natural problem solving abilities, results oriented focus, unwavering determination and high ethical standards. His understanding of his client’s ultimate objectives, combined with his ability to deal with adversity has led to many successful projects and repeat business. His management background includes involvement with budgets, estimates, contracts, projections and more. He has been instrumental in developing pilot programs and office standards. As principal in his own marketing and real estate business, he has developed a heightened awareness of efficiency, a focus that helps get clients the most for their money.
Craig W. Stephens, Principal
“I believe that respect for people and the environment is the best design solution!”
Leveraging over twenty years of experience in architecture, Craig has developed a humanistic business philosophy, based on the renowned “master builders” of history. His passionate belief in developing solid relationships, skills in effective communication and ability to connect with the vision for a project, has made him an effective leader in his associations with for-profit, non-profit and religious organizations.  A strong advocate of listening to clients and constituents, he invites them to interact in a collaborative fashion. His understanding of budgets, contracts, and construction cost estimates, coupled with his understanding of design, leads to design sensitive projects that are fiscally sound, and architecturally successful.